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12 days and counting...


I'm almost completely consumed with preparations for the upcoming Uptown Market in 12 days. This will be my first craft fair as a vendor. I've been to them before as a buyer and to take notes, but I've never been on that side of the table.

I'm excited, nervous, overwhelmed, and only freaking out a little bit. I'm spending as much as my non-kid time down in studio working on building an impressive stock of work. To give my wrist a break from all the cutting, I'm putting together all the not-so-little details such as obtaining a canopy (thanks, bro!), buying a credit card impression doo-dad, figuring out prices and how tax will factor into them, booth decorations and logistics, and making sure I have enough of the typical craft fair necessities on hand for the big day.

The Etsy fora has proven to be a wealth of craft fair advice as well as many good friends and relatives who have had experience hawking their wares at events like this. I know this is only my first show and I will learn so much from the opportunity. I just want to do as much as I can right the first time to earn as much success as possible. One of the things I've learned already is that by writing about my experiences helps me to sort through the clutter in my head and de-stress a bit. So, stay tuned as I hope to plug in here at least once again before the fair with an update and hopefully pics of what I'm up to. Please feel free to offer any further tips and tricks or links to such things in the comments. I'm all ears.


Great post Marnie! It's helpful to read about this process. I had no idea how many details you have to cover beforehand since I have never done it myself. I know you will be prepared. I hope you do really well and enjoy the experience.