Wholesale Information

I’ve been selling Crafterall items wholesale since 2008, and it’s grown to constitute nearly a third of my annual revenue. I supply cut paper artworks and cards to retailers, locally in MN, regionally throughout the midwest, and across the country from Oakland, CA to Warren, RI, as well as to Canada and Japan. Some of my retail partners have been buying Crafterall for nearly a decade already! Below is detailed information about my wholesale policies and process, and answers to some frequently asked questions.

  • In a nutshell, every piece I make is available for wholesale purchase. There’s a minimum quantity (10 pieces, 25 cards) and an easy 50% discount when that minimum is met. Buyers are welcome to mix and match designs, sizes and color schemes to meet that minimum quantity, and I’m happy to work with you creatively to make that work. Long standing buyers with reliable payment histories earn more flexibility on the minimum quantities as well.
  • I package pieces individually unless you’d prefer them packaged in bulk. Individual pieces are slipped within a sealed cello bag, with a piece of recycled fiberboard to added stability. I add an informational sticker on the back of the bag with the title/location of the piece, and a bit of info about how it was made. Buyers who plan to frame my work before selling are welcome to request bulk packaging to cut down on waste and shipping charges.
  • When I receive your order, I’ll reply with an estimated completion/ship date as well as a link to an invoice (usually via PayPal). I’ll also check with you if I have any questions about your order. While most buyers pay through PayPal, I also accept checks. I ship only upon completed payment in full.
  • My turn-around time varies, but usually is between 1-2 weeks, depending on the size of the order and other work on my schedule. Sometimes I wonder if you are all connected with one another as I’ll often get a new wholesale order just as I’m completing another! My Etsy shop is my first priority, then wholesale orders, then consignment orders. I’ll do everything I can to get your order out to you and your customers as soon as possible. Rarely, I have to order more or special supplies to complete your order and that can mean a delay of up to 4 weeks depending on the availability of what I need. I will always let you know when this is the case.
  • I ship USPS Priority for the most part, which means that once shipped, packages usually arrive 2-3 business days later. If you have a UPS account, I’m happy to ship through them as well. You will need to provide your UPS account with your order, and in addition to the postage, you will need to cover any additional costs of pick-up service as many local UPS shipping locations have limits on their ability to accept packages with a large declared value.
  • If you’re local to the twin cities area and you’d prefer to pick up an order instead of having it shipped, you’re certainly welcome to do that, and we can arrange a time that works for us both. I’m in the beautiful Excelsior area, west of Minneapolis about 30 minutes, so it can be a bit of a drive.

And now to cover some FAQs.

Q: How do I place a wholesale order with Crafterall?

A: Until I take the plunge into an online ordering system of my own, please send me an email, or contact me through this website with your order. I invite you to browse my Etsy shop to see what I offer (and retail pricing of those items), and feel free to inquire about other possible designs. Whether you type your wish list in the email message or attach a purchase order to the note, I’ll look it over, make sure we’re on the same page about everything, give you an estimate for completion, and send a link to your invoice. When I’ve received your payment, and completed the order, I’ll ship the order and send you tracking info for the package. In the package, I include a copy of your invoice and, when applicable, a copy of your purchase order. Your first order from Crafterall will also include some of my business cards. More cards are always available upon request.

Q: Can I order a new design to sell wholesale?

A: You bet! I’m happy to work with you to create a new design, especially one you think will sell well in your shop. I do charge a design fee, usually $100, for this process. That price reflects the time it takes for me to research, work with you, and create the new design, and that price can flex up or down depending on the complexity of the subject area. I’m happy to offer estimates here as well. After the design fee has been paid, pieces featuring that design will be available to you (and others) at the wholesale price.

Q: Can I sell a Crafterall design exclusively?

A: Nope. Once I create a design, it’s open for anyone to purchase. That being said, I usually end up waiting a while before adding a new design to my shop, or only show it to people who inquire specifically about it. When you work with me to create a new design, you’re in control of what “makes the cut,” and it’s my job to make it as awesome as possible. After that, however, it’s in my inventory for anyone to ask about and purchase. If you think you can offer me a sweet deal on an exclusive papercut art design, I’ll hear you out.

Q: Can I sell Crafterall on my store’s website?

A: In most cases, yes. I love getting Crafterall “out there” as much as possible, so if your shop has an online presence as well as a brick & mortar location, you’re welcome to sell there, too. I do appreciate it when buyers let me know they’ll be offering my work online, and also appreciate photo acknowledgements where applicable. If you’re not sure if I’ll be o.k. with an online option, please ask.

Q: Can I bring Crafterall to sell at a pop-up market?

A: Certainly! Again, I appreciate any opportunities to garner more exposure. Please remember that these pieces are somewhat delicate, vulnerable to folding, tearing, humidity/moisture damage, or fading, so use caution and common sense when vending outdoors, in high-traffic/tactile areas, or in shop windows. Also, I’d love hearing about your pop-up ventures. Someday I’ll get better about posting these sorts of things, and I’d love to spread the word here.

Q: Can I buy Crafterall that’s already matted and/or framed?

A: No. Not yet anyway. I’m still working out of a single room in my home, and the making and packing of Crafterall works takes up nearly the whole space. Adding mats or frames to the process would require A LOT more space and expertise I just don’t have yet. If you are a frame shop interested in striking up some sort of partnership with me on this, drop me a line -- let’s talk.

Q: How big are most wholesale orders?

A: Most folks order between 10 and 40 pieces at a time, and many order a mix of locations, piece sizes, color schemes, and styles (5-layer vs. 2-layer, etc.) to fill their order. I’ve done bigger orders (300 cards for MoMA, back in the day), but they do take longer to fill.

Q: Can I return parts of a wholesale order?

A: If the pieces you’d like to return are in perfect condition, and if you’re able to ship them to me so that they remain protected, I’m happy to offer refunds or exchanges. If there’s ever any problem with your order (arrived damaged, missing a piece, wrong color, etc.), please let me know. I appreciate photo evidence and prompt attention in these matters and will do my best to remedy the situation.

Got a question I didn't address here? Please reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you!