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Eight Hundred Cards

What does 800 cards from Crafterall look like?

Something like this:

Sorted, counted, ready to package:

Making the cards is the biggest part, but by no means the only part of filling such a large order. There's packaging the individual cards and/or sets with envelopes and inserts, completing and printing necessary packing and billing paperwork, packing the entire order to be shipped, and obtaining postage for the whole deal.

I really like this part. It's relatively mindless and it lets me do something I love: play with packaging!

This is starting to feel kinda "big time." I'm exhausted, proud, and thrilled all at once. Phew!

*edited to add: Did you know that there is a wiki page for the number "800"? At first, I thought it was a bit ridiculous as I read, "800 (eight hundred) is the natural number following 799 and preceding 801." Um... duh. We need a wiki for this? Then, I read this: "It is the sum of four consecutive primes (193 + 197 + 199 + 211), " and proceeded to geek out. This is actually pretty darn cool. See here for more on 800 or choose your own number.*


wow. that last photo of them all packaged up nice and shiny in their plastic boxes looks SO professional and big time. congratulations on a huge accomplishment!

Wow, what an accomplishment! I'm blown away, it all looks so sleek and sharp - congrats on a job very well done!


13 years 9 months ago

This all looks amazing, congratulations on such a huge task!

I'm so pleased for you & your success and you are such an inspiration for me and my business!

Keep up the amazing work!

INCREDIBLE!!!! Congrats on getting through this massive order, Marnie!! It looks so perfect and professional. Damn! You are so GOOD!

It's funny that you mention all the counting... it is a big part of working in paper isn't it?! I bet you have counting systems and tallies everywhere. Seeing numbers in your head like Rain Man.

It IS BIG TIME! I love watching you rock this work out and I look forward to your future successes! Someday, my dream of being your recycling department in your corporation will come true :)

xo Kendra