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Packaging Tidbits

My post on basic packaging tips is up on the Handmade Minnesota team blog. I invite you to scoot over there, have a read, and please share a bit of your packaging and shipping acumen. Thanks!


i just recently found your blog via your etsy shop and this post was super helpful. i also do 8 x 10 paper are and was curious as to where you get your shipping boxes? i'm concerned about the whole postal workers bending items thing but buying at office supply stores seems to be expensive and larger than the size i need. any tips would be greatly appreciated since my work is quilled and can crush easily. thanks!

- Melissa: Thank you for your kind comments, and for your great question. I used flat mailers for about two years. When I received my third report of a folded piece shoved to fit into a small, vertical mailbox, I knew it was time to get something sturdier. Now I use multi-depth corrugated boxes from Uline (S-165) that fit perfectly. It's more work to put everything together, and they take up more space when stored, but I feel more confident that they'll protect my work. Incidentally, I just heard today from a dear buyer who reported that her mail carrier bent even THAT box and essentially ruined the contents. I'm not sure what possessed the carrier to do such a thing...
Good luck with your next moves. I peeked at your shop as well and was impressed with your quilled work. Keep it up!