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Lake of the Month -- An Introduction


I'm pleased to introduce the newest feature to my new site: The Lake of the Month Voting System. It's that little, cream-colored box on the right side of the screen. See it? Here's the nitty-gritty:

How it works:

Each month, I will create a new piece to be added to the shop’s inventory based on the results of a poll. Anyone can vote once each month, and the results of the poll are available anytime. The location with the most votes wins, I create the piece and its template, and then I offer it for purchase in a wide variety of color sets.

Selecting lake candidates:

Soon after a voting session ends, I will post a call for nominations for the next month’s Lake of the Month poll. You and your friends can nominate any location near or featuring a body of water or coastline, and you do so by leaving a comment in the post stating the name of the place, and any convincing argument you have for nominating that place. From these nominees, I select five contenders for the voting poll and set it up on the site, and the voting process begins again! Nominees will be chosen based on popularity within the comments, variety of the nominees, and, if needed, at random.

What’s in it for you:

If you’ve had your eye on my work but didn’t want to pay for a custom piece, you and your posse can nominate and vote for a specific location to make it become reality and available for much less ($100!) than a custom piece in my shop. Gather your troops, call your family, get everyone on board to stuff the ballot box! Rock the vote!

What’s in it for me:

I get a feel for what you want to see in the shop, and for where your heart strings pull you. While a little lake in Minnesota may win a poll here and there, a more well-known location may win out as well, and my hope is that, in either case, people find my work based on their connection to the winning location and that at least a few of them will choose that or something else in the shop to take home.

That's it! Just a fun little game that we can play together to pump out some great new works and bring a lot of smiles. I hope you'll join in the fun!