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January's L.o.t.M. Candidates


We're kicking off the Lake of the Month fun with five awesome candidates, chosen from some inquiries and interest I've garnered over the last year.

Lake Bemidji is the lake and namesake of my home town in Minnesota. Its longer name refers to the Mississippi that "runs through" the lake, and the lake boasts that it is the most northern point on the mighty river. The shoreline features a famous set of statues of Paul Bunyan and his trusty companion Babe the Blue Ox, and some say that Lake Bemidji is really one of Paul Bunyan's foot prints.

Duluth is the other Minnesota lake up for grabs. It rests on the tip of Lake Superior's "nose" and is still a major port for materials and supplies shipped in and out through the great lakes waterway.

To the west, there's the Seattle area, nestled in the center of the beautiful Puget Sound, and home to a culture and lifestyle it can call its own. 

Farther south is the southern end of Lake Pontchartrain and the greater New Orleans area, and the delta upon which sits an ever-changing landscape and an ever-vibrant society.

Finally, there's the major chain of the Hawaiian Islands. Whether you've been and can retell fond memories, or, like me, you still long to see those volcanic beaches and orchid-bejeweled mountainsides, almost everyone agrees that this chain of islands holds a certain kind of magic and allure.

Voting ends Wednesday, January 25th, so get your vote in today, and tell a friend too!