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A Hawaiian Treat!

Thank you for your votes! Once again we had a tie in the Lake of the Month voter, this time between Duluth and Hawaii. In honor of the gorgeous weather we've been having here, I've broken the tie on my own in favor of the Hawaiian Islands. Sorry, Duluth fans! I'll put Duluth in the next line up and hope that you're able to rock the vote a little harder next time.

image courtesy of rumpleteaser on Flickr (cc)

The Hawaiian Islands piece will feature eight major islands from "The Big Island" up to Ni'ihau, and the gorgeous bathymetry of the area. Like many archipelago, the Hawaiian Islands sits on a ridge along the ocean floor, this one in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I plan to make a few of these right off the bat in a variety of colors, including one or two using a layer of green for the land instead of white for a deeply tropical look.

In addition to Duluth, what else would you like to see in the shop? Cast your nominations in the comments below. If you're new to the game, or need a refresher on what this is all about, please refer to the initial Lake of the Month post here: