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Welcome to Hawaii!


O.K. This is isn't actually Hawaii. It's just a web site. But, perhaps what I've got to show you is the next best thing to being in Hawaii, and it's a lot let expensive!

Introducing The Hawaiian Islands, Crafterall-style!

I'm rolling this piece out in two different styles: my traditional 5 layer version like the one above, and a "floated" version like the one below, in which each layer "floats" above the one beneath using little adhesive foam squares. 

While I think the layer of vivid green over the aqua blue set looks the best, the colors of the land and the ocean are up to you, based on the available color sets, shown in the lineup of photos in the official listings in the shop:

Hawaiian Islands Listing

Hawaiian Islands - Floated - Listing

I hope you all like the way it turned out! Please feel free to contact me with questions about this or any other of my pieces.