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New New Zealands!

And here they are! Not one but two New Zealands at your fingertips.

When researching the land and bathymetry of the islands, I couldn't help but be awed by the topography and geographic history of New Zealand. It's a fascinating story dating back over a hundred million years! You can read more about it within the listing for the 5-layer piece here.

Or in the new 8-layer piece here.

As is usually the case, I've thoroughly enjoyed researching and creating these pieces. For many years, New Zealand has been on my short list of places to see in my life, and through this process, I must mentally underline and circle it as a destination!



11 years 1 month ago

Just discovered your work on the cover of the 2013 ASLA Annual Meeting program brochure. Also see you have asked for suggestions in the past

Any plans to to include Chesapeake Bay and Narragansett Bay? - thousands of sailors would be interested on one or both of those. Nantucket and MV?