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New Art: Cass Lake & Pike Bay

While I certainly enjoy every lake I get an opportunity to cut, I relish learning about and rendering lakes that are near to my childhood home in north central Minnesota. Cass Lake is just east of Lake Bemidji, and home to the school where I completed my student teaching. Driving up to Bemidji from the metro area, reaching Cass Lake is the last milestone of the journey. It's the point where we start telling the kids to pack up their travel gear, where we begin to round up the trash that's collected in the van over the last few hours, and where we watch the familiar scenery bring us closer to home. The lake itself is full of fun bathymetric details and has an island with a 193 acre lake inside. If you or someone you know has a connection to this lovely water, I hope you'll consider getting one of these pieces, now available in the shop. Just click the photo below for the listing.