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New Art: Chicago Shoreline

Coming from a small town, it was downright scary for me to visit the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area in Minnesota. Later, my life Madison, Wisconsin was an easy primer for bigger cities, but it was still nerve-wracking for me when I first toured my first truly "capital C" City, Chicago. Imagine my delight then, to walk up, down and within Navy Pier on my first visit there, to take in the grandeur of Lake Michigan from the miles of sandy beach shoreline, to explore the heights of the urban sprawl from the Hancock Building, and to ride the "el" and live to tell about it! 

While the natural shoreline of Lake Michigan near Chicago is a simple, gentle curve, over the decades, the people of Chicago have built out onto the lake, and across the river to make a much more interesting aerial view today. You can grab your own version of the Chicago Shoreline in the shop today by clicking on the photo below.

Detail of the Chicago Shoreline in Teal blue