For this week’s post on “Now Playing in the Studio,” I’d like to share my favorite podcasts with you. I have a mild addiction to and discerning taste for good podcasts. I like them on the longer side, well edited, filled with good news or information, and with a healthy sprinkling of laughs. There are a ka-gillion different podcasts floating around in available air and cyber space on nearly every topic, and in a number of different platforms for easy listening on a wide array of devices, so there’s no good excuse for not tuning one in now and then.

I have a fear/love relationship with custom requests. I FEAR that the challenge of a new subject may be too great for me to render accurately or well, and I LOVE seeing the finished piece and knowing that it turned out all right. I don't think any task that seems easy from the get go would give me the same sense of satisfaction in the end. And so it was with one of my most recent, and by far most challenging custom requests:

The mission: To cut the topography of the entire world in five layers, highlighting the highest summit of each of the seven continents.