We're going to keep on rolling with the Lake of the Month voting poll, and the ballot for June is live! While I'm well aware that this month's winner, New Zealand doesn't qualify as a lake, humor me with this title. It just rolls off the tongue so much nicer than "Lake, Coastline, Landmass, or other Body of Water of the Month" does. ;)

We've kept the runners up from this month on the list (Chesapeake Bay, Penobscot Bay, and the Great Salt Lake), and added newcomers Lake Tahoe and the Florida Keys to the mix. 

Let the voting begin!


Today, I'm showing off a custom piece with an interesting twist. The subject matter is the lower end of Montague Island in the north Pacific Ocean. The island sits on the southwestern entrance to the Prince William Sound at the northern end of the Gulf of Alaska, about 80 miles due west from Seward. According to the wiki entry, Montague Island is the largest uninhabited island in the United States and home to 100+ pound fish, giving rise to the area's moniker: "Land of the Giants." Click here to see what a 350 pound halibut looks like.