If you're a fan of papery goodness like I am, there's a good chance you already know about a gorgeous blog called All Things Paper. It's written by one of the nicest people I know, Ann Martin. Ann is an accomplished quiller and blogger, and consistently fills her site with anything and everything to do with paper arts.  If all of this is old news to you, you have also likely heard about a new book that's currently available for pre-order. Taking its name directly from the blog from which it was born, All Things Paper is a new book out next month that will sate even the most discriminating paper art tastes.


We're going to keep on rolling with the Lake of the Month voting poll, and the ballot for June is live! While I'm well aware that this month's winner, New Zealand doesn't qualify as a lake, humor me with this title. It just rolls off the tongue so much nicer than "Lake, Coastline, Landmass, or other Body of Water of the Month" does. ;)

We've kept the runners up from this month on the list (Chesapeake Bay, Penobscot Bay, and the Great Salt Lake), and added newcomers Lake Tahoe and the Florida Keys to the mix. 

Let the voting begin!